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B or BO

B and BO both translate as IN.  When do you use one or the other?



We use "В" with the words beginnig with vowels. eg  - В океане

And "Во" for the words beginning with consonants. eg - Во дворе 

Irina, not so simple. For instance, I will say "В замке/в крепости/в магазине", but they all start with consonants. There is no strict rule. I have found similar question with good answers here:

It gives me a good general idea.


"О" is a  connecting vowel. For exemple, in french you speek: '' Quel musée cherche-t-il?''He searches for what museum?. Or in english you use '' There are...''. The last latters said, but ussually not said.




So, this object hasn't a rule.


В банке, во саду= в саду, в руке, во мне( but not  в мне), в огне(but not  во огне)

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