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Trial Lessons--No More!


I've been burned again by a no-show student, and I'm sure I'll have to nag italki for months before I get paid for my time.  So I'm eliminating trial lessons from now on.  I'd rather lose a few potential students than keep arranging to be home, only to find out that I could have been doing something else because the student couldn't be bothered to attend!  Is anyone else having this problem?




T'ain't no problem till ya'll make it a problem, Brad.  Appitite over tin cup, are we, Brad?  You ain't got the cart before the horse, is ya?  We mean to ask if youz is or is ya ain't, Brad?  There are no bad students, Brad; there are only bad teachers and the notion of burning and being burned by any student is unacceptable; clean up your act or get out of town regarding your bad attitude.  This from a friend in the same fight to educate.  My Skype:  brian.madden4


This has nothing to do with educating, it is simply a matter of basic courtesy.  Whether I am a teacher or a plumber, I am entitled to expect that my clients will attend previously agreed appointments.  I don't think its a sign of a bad attitude that I resent having my time wasted by a no-show.  And I never accused any student of being a "bad student": in the case of this last one, I never had a chance to find out what kind of student she was, because she didn't attend the initial trial lesson!


I hope your numerous, tired cliches are a comfort to you the next time you're waiting for a student to show up, Brian, and not getting paid for the time you've set aside to teach them.  Luckily, I have a full-time job teaching English in a large corporation in Vienna, so I don't need to depend on my italki students for my livelihood, and can afford to be selective in who I accept as a student and whether or not I offer trial lessons.


Yes, I know it should be "it's" instead of "its," and that I should have written "whom I accept" rather than "who I accept."  I assumed that, as when I make corrections, I would be offered an "edit" option, so I hit "submit" before proofreading.  So save your petty scorn.


I agree with Brad. And Professor B is way out of line and the subject IMHO.

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