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Can a real democratic system accommodate veto ?

100s decide something.
1 veto this decision.
is this a fair  practice in a democratic system ?
what do you think ?



And finally, these countries which have the right of Veto want to teach us the Democracy..hehehe.. How interesting !

Jeff, who can teach democracy?

Hello Elisa..
I am sure that God by Moses, Jesus and Mohammad foor this target!
We must now follow them and their teachings, not these persons who are creating laws to earn money,oil......

'Self' is the best teacher.

Jeff and Abstract I do agree with both but between the ideal society and real society there is a huge distance and your advice are more for those that strain to idealism while we live in a society that “understand” only concretness so we need lows and rules of an “imperfect democracy”...


Usually something ideal is impossible to achieve mainly because of the practical limitations. And I think the 'huge distance' you referred is these practical limitations. But I can't understand what practical limitation is there to 'destroy' the right/power  to undermine a democratic decision made by huge majority within a democratic system! 

Or is it a way to protect the interests of 'unequals' in a so-called Egalitarian system?

I mean, if that bitter hypocrisy is the 'huge distance' here ?


(I'm talking generally about veto. It's not specific about UN or other systems. But general includes specific too)

"That bitter hypocrisy is the 'huge distance' here ?" Yes, this is what I meant... and sadly, at the moment, I don't see any desire of change from the hypocritical part and probably there never will be :(  

The consequence will probably be "chaos".

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