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Searching Tamil & English Native who wants to learn Japanese

Hi, friend. Im Japanese living in India.  Im searching Tamil Native who wants to learn Japanese & also searching English Native.

I wants to learn Tamil and brush up my poor english. I can teach you basic Japanese in exchange.

I can speak english somehow and Hindi.



I just would like to add few sentences.

I recommend you to install Unicode Japanese font, if you don't have. 

にほんご の ゆにこーどふぉんと を いんすとーるすること を おすすめします。

Because I can teach you more efficiently with Japanese font.

You will remeber gradually while we start study with Japanese font.( A=あ、I=い、U=う、E=え, KA=か、KI=き、KU=く etc.)

I prefer to use chat initially to teach grammer and then later Skype for practicing conversation once you remember Hiragana.

But Im not professional. So I can teach you only basic as I have written above and Im not much talkative so you can find good friend later to improve your conversation skill further.


It's my skype name: butterflypea449

I prefer using chat. But if it is requried to learn pronouciation, I might request you to use voice or video call only when you are comfortable.

If someone who is native english speaker or native tamil speaker really wants to learn Japanese and is interested in helping me for improving english or tamil, please add me.  Usually I sit in front of PC around 10:30pm-12:00am night in India Time. 

See you.


Hi Friend I am native Tamil. I want to learn japanese.

Hey are you still keen on learning Tamil? I am keen on learning Japanese; especially speaking. I can read and write Hiragana & Katakana. I can't read Kanji though. I am a qualified Tamil Teacher. I have native level proficiency in English as well. Let me know if you are up for it!

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