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Your favorite friend

What is your favorite friend. the best on which you love much. And when and where have you known each other?



My best
My best friend's name is Claudia..
I met her when I was just three years old, we were both studying english, then we went to school together, and she was my mate for 15 years..
Now we go to different universities but we still see and talk each other.. I really love her and I know she loves me too, BUT IN FRIENDS WAY!!! :)
some of my friends in other places go to school, there is only one beside me
and have a one netfriend fully understand me ,tell me fresh things,always encouraged me
he is very concerned about my learning
a year ago on a site I know him,still now keep in touch with him ( he is from jordan ,name is Abdullah)
my best friend's name is Elif 
we have been friends since we were born 

exuse moi car j'ai pas des amis ou bien amie réells.....
tous me choque ....
tous me profite...
je fais pas de confiance surtou à les filles.

mais ce mois j'ai dégusté l'amitié virtuelle.
et je la trouve trés bonnne.
et j'aime tous mes amis sur italki....

Salut mina, tu peux me considérer un vrai ami sulequel tu peux compter.

hi brother u put  really interesting topics
usually the best friend is an early childhood friend , i m not an xception my best friend is called BAKER we have much common history together .
we are seperated now since he is from iranian origin , he was back to Tehran because shi3a are not so welcomed here in tunisia i mean from citizens
anyway i can say i have a best friend to whom really i can put my trust and reveal all my secrets to him without fear from betray .i try to be careful as much as i can in choosing my friends since your friends can heart you thousands time deeper than your ennemies .
thx for the intresting subjects

i dont have a favorite friend, only i have friends

I have 3 best friends and we do thing together all the time. 
I know them for 5 years
My best friend is Basma , we are frineds since 1984, she was my neighbour when we were living in Kuwait and  now she's here in Jordan and we visit each other from time to time and also I have a lot of good friends but she is the best.

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