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Movies in Russian

Where can I see movies in Russian with subtitles, or with the original version in the background, on the internet?  



There are also lots of them on youtube and

Which Russian movies do you recommend?  Ones with clear Russian dialogue and with speech that is not too fast.

That would be perfect. I can understand some words if the dialogue isn't too fast.

I'd recommend ypu to register in Russian analog of facebooc -
There are millions of movies as initially Russian, as translated to Russian.
For example this group with old russian movies.


Also especially now I can recommend you the "Елки" movie (translation: Chrismas trees)
It's very funny!

Gracias, lo voy ha probar.


movies from all over the world in Russian with Russian subtitles


Russian movies with subtitles are here

also, 2 Russian comedies with Russian subtitles : 

1)     2)


Hi Leonid:

I went to    but I can't  see the videos.   It seems I have to register.  Is this a paid service?



This works very well, thank you.

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