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ielts topic

hi. i want to speak with some one about ielts topic (speaking) to improve my speaking skill



hey sahebeh, I'm also preparing for IELTS test in 18th Feb. 2012. I'm looking forward to the speaking on skype and hope there will be more people to join the discussion=)

my Skype account: e.w.evantsao


hi dear

i am yaman from syria

can i chat with you on skype if you want my skype

yamansham81                   thank you


hi... my name is AKBAR i am from CHINA i am preparing IELTS as you are doing therefore i need a english partner to practice my oral english ...

this is my SKYPE : uyghurboy42688

add me on Skype
my skype ID is "garry1407"
yahoo ID "garry.indian14"
we will practice spoken english :)

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