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I can teach you Shanghainese with a romanization system as well as the proper Chinese Character

This romanization system is derived from the similar systems used by missionaries in the end of 19th century, which is for the learner far more suitable than the Hanyu Pinyin system as Pinyin is not capable to reflect Shanghainese phonology.
I can also teach you how to write Shanghainese with the proper Chinese character. In terms of proper, it means write Shanghainese with the characters match their meaning and Shanghainese phonology, in stead of the popular way seen in the internet forum, which picks characters randomly (and often roughly and clumsily) to mimic the sound with the Mandarin pronunciation without considering the characters' meaning. The resulting text will look similar to Mandarin but with Shanghainese features, therefore an educated Mandarin speaker can still understand most parts of the text even he knows little about Shanghainese pronunciation.



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