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I am Korean. I can help with Korean

Hi, I'm native Korean and want make friends from everywhere.If you're interested in Korean culture, drama, K-pop and language, I can help you with Korean and I am willing to teach people Korean !



Hi :)

I am Hani. I come from Indonesia.

I love listening korean song and sometimes I wonder what the meaning of these lyrics. So, it will be wonderful if you teach some some words or some letters in hangul (right?).

Thank you :)

你好, 我是中国人,希望能和你互相学习

我的skype ID是 wangjianan0704



여보세요 ^^

저는 킴미 아나벨라이에요..



I am veru interested in your language. I am anticipating any help from you. :)

I am very interested as well!!!

Hi!! I'm from the United States, Los Angeles to be exact. I need serious help!! I'm learning Hangul and some phrases online but I need more. I would love more info. on your approach to teaching:)



Hi! I'm from the United States, but originally from the Philippines..Interested in learning korean language. Thanks in advance for future help :)

I will love learning about everything

안녕하세요! 저는 랜스예요. 당신의 친수 있고 싶어해요. 당신이 스카이프에서 절 찾을 수 있어요! 아이디: hawaiianguy203



I am a beginner in Korean, but I would love to learn from you and do a langauge exchange as well, if you are interested.

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