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Exchanging Spanish/English for Russian

Hello all: I am interested on learning Russian, so if there is any native russian speaker willing to learn Spanish or English, feel free to drop me a line and perhaps we can help each other, through an exchange. Thanks and best regards, Grace :)



Hi Grace

Here I am, a native russian speaker who learns both English and Spanish and is eager for language exchange! I study languages and I'm training to be a teacher of German so I have some experience ;) and one more thing: next semester I'm going to have a course on teaching Russian as foreign/second language, so I'd be really glad to find somebody I could help and even coach :)

looking forward to hearing from you soon


Hi Genie!, sounds wonderful! I´m glad to have read your comment :) I will send you a private message with my skype screen name. Thank you :) Best regards, Grace :)

Hello! Im native russian speaker too. Also I`m student of Pedagogic university - I will be teacher of Russian language for russian schools. I don`t have practice of teaching, but may be I can help you.

Thanks Anastasya88; I´ll send u a message. Best regards, Grace.

Hello Genie, I tried to send you a message but that feature isn´t available on ur account :) So here is my skype:  amparo.grace    Feel free to add me please and let me know it is you. Looking forward to talking to you. Best regards, Grace :)

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