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Isn't there anyone wishing to learn Marathi?

I wish you all a very happy new year. I am a member of italki since December 12, 2011, and a native Marathi speaker.

Much to my disappointment, while moving through this site, I found that Marathi language is not so popular and no one really wants to know about it. There are some people who wish to learn Marathi, but they are not helped by any marathi people in time. So, they generally give up the idea of learning marathi.

I wish to better this condition. Anyone, who really wants to learn this language, can contact me. I would be happy to provide help.

I sincerely request the members of this group to keep this group alive. I hope we all together can find some better ways to do this.



nakkich... aapali talmal paahun bara watla.. mi mazya baajune prayatna kartoy marathi madhe lokanna aawad nirman karanyacha.. Marathi premi ekatra aalo tar khup kaahi karta yeil.. baakichyaani yaat ras dakhawala tar lavkarat lavkar chaangala kaahitari karta yeil. bakichyaanchyaa pratisaadaachi waat pahat aahe.

Jay Hind                                                                                                                                                              Jay Maharashtra



I really NEED to learn marathi, Ganesh! I am married to an Indian man and I can't speak marathi or hindi at all! If you could help me, I would really appreciate!

I can understand a few sentences/words they say, but I really need to improve it... 

If you could teach me elementary ("survival") sentences, it would be great! =)


There's one more detail... I can't read the hindi alphabet... if you could transcribe the sounds (eg: tu kai karto?, instead of writing in hindi alphabet... I know I am asking too much, but I would really appreciate your help!)


Thank you... =)

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