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Let's learn some Marathi. चला थोडेसे मराठी शिकुया.

Let's learn today about relations.

I = मी

mother = आई

father = बाबा

sister = बहीण

brother = भाउ

paternal uncle = काका

maternal uncle = मामा

paternal aunt = आत्या

maternal aunt = मावशी

Let me know if someone finds this useful. Otherwise, I will be the only person, who is posting and reading this all.



kaaku,  mami, mehuana, mehuni, jau,deer, nanand, wyahi, saadu, he sagale yeudyat kii...

kaahi madat laagali tar nakki sanga.. Marathichyaa prachaarat kaahi karta aala tar khup aanand hoil..


Thank u so much Ganesh 4 helping me learn some Marathi words !!!!!!

I wanna learn some elementary sentences in Marathi .... plz help me

In Marathi  ''mi Gopesh Tripathi aahe''.... Ha ha ha ha .... 

Gopesh, tu kuthe rahato? (Where do you stay?)

Tu kaay shikto?

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