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I have a Dream

Do you see dreams? Are they colourful or black-and-white? Can you see the picture clearly? Maybe you have experienced the most wonderful dream? or the most horrible one?

Please, don't try to interpret others' dreams, but you are most welcome to comment. :)



Today I was dreaming about a church standing on the hill. It was a sunlit day and the church was red-brown bricked one. I assume it was a Medieval construction, the pastor and his family came out to greet me with words that I was a very sinful person, I couldn't bite my tongue and responded "Are you all saints?"

I reckon the picture will stay with me for a day :)

I never remember my dreams. Maybe I am sleeping through my life and THIS is the dream. I wonder . . . ?

Ralph, like in "Vanilla Sky"? Wink I hope not, Vanilla Sky turned out to be a horror. Look up, can you see the stars and the moon? Can you see happy smiles around you? Can you tell that you're happy? If yes, stay in your dream forever! Laughing

Do you know what Katya? Mostly I am. Mostly I am - and I think I will stay for a bit longer ( if I have a choice))))

Ralph, is your dreamy-world colourful? :)

I always forgot my dreams, but I dreamed this dream frequently, I always see that there was  a war and I was so afraid and trying to run and escape. And after that, I reached to a door and opened it, then I saw another world like a paradise! Since I was a child, I dreamed with this dream over 10 times! Maybe that is a sign for something! Smile

@Shaimaa - maybe it means you live in a small house with only one door? :))

@Katya - not exactly colourful . . . . but quite noise :))

noisy - I meant :(

Really! :))))))))))

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