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How about we take a movie per week for discussion?


Romantic Comedy "Amélie" (2001)


The trailer:




The discussions about previous movies are still open, if you have any ideas, please, bring them on ;)

Any suggestions about the future movies are welcome. Thank you.



It's about dreaming in the dreamy world, and dreaming in the second, third, forth dreamy world...Like we sometimes dream we are dreaming, but the difference is even the people in the dreamy world are dreaming in their dreamy worlds... Fantastic... Only once have I watched it  so I haven't understood it well.

katya - I bought the dvd in Moscow when it came out - dubbed in Russian only.  I have watched it a couple of times and to tell you the truth I am somewhat confused.   Maybe someone will help me make more sense of it as well  . . . . . 



Katya- It is a very amazing movie! :))

Started watching the movie, seen only 53 minutes, now not sure whether I am dreaming or living... so far very complicated :)

Is it with Leonardo DiCaprio? If, yes, I saw it and I liked it very much. The plot of movie is very interesting and the cast is selected perfectly!:))))) This movie is about our dreams and people who can come in our dreams and change them, even manage! Am I right?:))))))))))

Katya- When I saw it for the first time, I got confused, but after that I liked the idea! New idea! :)) Maryna, Yes. How don't you know? You'll act with him in the future dear! ;)

Sure!:))) I have just insured and re asked!:))))Laughing

Please, let me know when the movie release in the cinemas! :))))))))

Now I am wobblingly ready to discuss "Inception". First of all, thank you so much for giving me your "bad vs good" opinions on the movie. Dear girls, I have passed the stage when I watch the movie just for the heck of it. The screen time must provide for me something, it can be an entertainment as well, but normally food for ideas, it could be just a mere hint how to strike a thrilling conversation or what to discuss with you, my friends!

Back to the movie... it is challenging, really thought-provoking. Guys&Gals, have you ever been killed or hurt in your dream? Have you ever experienced the sensation of fall or flight? Do you feel pain in your dream? Frankly speaking, I was shot once in my dream, I remember blood and pain the solar plexus. It was sharp pain. The first my thought was "what to think of for the last time"?

How does it feel to wake up from a nightmare? I was frightened, frightened to death. After awakening, it feels as if something scratching inside of you is getting ready to jump out.

Why do you think Dom Cobb doesn't want to see his children's faces? Why does he say to his dead wife Mal "I don't trust you anymore"? What's a totem? Why can't anyone else except you touch it, and where the idea has come from? Any thoughts?

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