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What are some (stupid) stereotypes about your country? I'm from France, and people tend to believe that we like to walk down the streets holding a baguette under our arms, wearing a bérét and black pants, that we always drink wine and eat frog legs and/or snails, that we all smoke, that we (women) stink because we don't shave, don't shower and don't use deodorant; that all men are gay and cowards and that we're all extremely rude. So proud to be French right now haha. What about you? =D



No stupid stereotypes. We are Indinesia have a traditional dress of each custom.


I'd like to mention that there are probably regional stereotypes within almost every country. (Stereotypes about Parisians?) Some people are uncomfortable with what they're not used to. Everyone wants to belong somewhere, but doing so by drawing unfounded contrasts isn't cool.

I'm curious to know how people deal with positive yet unrealistic stereotypes? All Frenchies are fashionable? Non! 



I honestly don't care what people think about the French. I actually think it's funny because I don't see myself as an uptight, arrogant woman who thinks everyone else is inferior because I'm Parisian so it doesn't really bother me especially because once people get to know me they always say the same thing: "you're so different from the French people I know!". Ok.. and how many French people do you know? One day some Brazilian guy sent me a message asking me why French people were so rude and that it was a stupid behavior and that we should stop acting that way and "no wonder no one likes the French". Well thank you, nice to meet you too! That's why I wrote this post, I just think it's funny (mostly stupid but funny too) because I know that a lot of people are totally different from what they are said to be. I'm not saying everyone is nice but they're not all bad either.


And I know a lot about American stereotypes as well and I still believe that you can't put a label on someone because of some dumb stereotypes about their country. And we're definitely not all fashionable even in the so-called fashion capital. :)

Dear God dear Lord lol well at least that's a cool stereotype, I would love to ride a kangaroo to school. Someone asked me if I knew what a playstation was once.. mmh.. we do live on a different continent but I'm pretty sure we are living in the same century lol

I’m just going to leave this here

You have probably heard a lot of things about Russia.

People tend to believe that russians are drink a lot, or even that everyone in Russia drinks vodka. Well it's not 100% true, but yes, alcoholism is a serious trouble for our country and for a lot of families in Russia (mine isn't an exception). 

That it's always cold in Russia. Of course it's not. And Russia is a largest country in the world, covering more than one-eighth of the Earth. The climate is various. But in most big cities we have cold winter and hot summer with a mild spring and autumn. It's funny that Russia will host 2014 WINTER Olympic Games in the southern Russian resort of Sochi on the Black Sea. Ok, no judging, let's wait and see!

People think that there are a lot of corruption in Russia. Well, this one is totally true.

That russian girls are one of the most beautiful in the world. Tastes differ.

Russians are rude. We have different mentality different culture. If somebody doesn't smile you back, it doesn't mean he/she doesn't like you. That person must be closed or cold person. Of course he or she could be rude and unpleasant, I meet guys like this everyday. What I'm trying to say is you can't treat all russians alike.

People think that that all english like tea and drink it i hate tea they also think we all love the queen that is not true -.- and our sterotype of australia is that you are all surfes but I know that is not true some people say all french people like to eat frogs but I bet you that there are people who don't like frogs owell every country has sterotypes but what is funny is there not true most of the time so just ignore them and tell them its not ture and move on its what I have to do :D

In Turkey we are riding camels :D There is no camel in Turkey of course and there is no desert to ride them.

People think all people from Turkey is Turkish but people from Turkey who lives in foreign countires mostly are not Turkish unless they are students.  People usually say you dont look like Turkish  to me cause they think Turks have to be dark because they are muslims :D There is no race called muslim it is a religion, hello :D The funniest one is Turks are Arabs :D How?:) But who thinks that also thinks Chinese, Japanese and Korean people are all the same so its just funny


Mannn! My country has so many stereotypes associated with it! My favorite one is that we are ALL fat. Don't get me wrong...we do have a good percentage of lazy buttheads who don't get up to change the channel on the television; however, I have been around so many skinny to average-sized people. Another one is that we are all stupid or dumb or whatever other words are used to describe our intelligence. This one makes me sad. I am aware that not everyone is that bright, but I'm going to college and striving to achieve my dreams :((. It is true about Americans not knowing so much about the rest of the world though. Our media does not show us so much only when its something so catastrophic that affects us. Teach me what goes on so I may not be so ignorant to the rest of the world! :'( I'm not too fond of my media. Unfortunately, there are other stereotypes for the other cultures found in the US. I ignore stereotypes because everyone is different no matter what part of the globe you are from. Every one has their own beliefs and opinions about certain situations. I know there are more for the US but I am little scared to find out...Lol

What do guys think of shows/cartoons/videogames that use stereotypes to represent a person from a certain country? I saw an anime called Hetalia: World Axis Powers. I cracked up when I saw the way some people in Japan saw Americans. I loved the character they used. Maybe I should start a discussion about this? Hmm? What do you think??

I knew these stereotypes about Russia but I've heard the opposite about Russian women. Women from Sweden are said to be beautiful though.


I love tea.. Twinings lol but I do realize not everyone in England drinks tea at 5pm or drinks tea at all, whatever works even though I think that's a cool concept :p.


Camels.. In Turkey? Well, I've never heard of that one, that's for sure lol I have relatives from Algeria and people think that it's just a big desert.


Haha yeah, I've heard about all these stereotypes about Americans.. I made a presentation about it to demonstrate that they are not totally true (because let's face it, you'll always find someone who is exactly like the stereotypes describe them), it was quite entertaining. I have a hard time believeing that all of you are stupid though because all the Americans I know (and I do mean ALL of them) are disturbingly smart.. I feel stupid sometimes lol but oh well. And about the anime, video game thing, I say go for it. One time I was trying to watch South Park online and for some reason it didn't work.. When I saw the little man wearing a béret, a striped shirt and a red scarf holding a baguette in front of the Eiffel Tower under the "sorry you can't watch that video" message I realized that it was because I'm in France and the video is not available outside the US. So they are annoying, but they help lol

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