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Some Magic From the Keyboard or Shaimaa's Birthday Party

Welcome everyone, we will start in several hours. Wink



I'm looking forward!:)))) Is there will be drinking???Laughing

Heaps! :)))

Cooooool! What about dancing?Wink

Maryna- Everything is available! :))))))

@Maryna, dancing, chatting, laughing, drinking and getting to know different people... everything what a good party involves, just one condition is you have to give me your imagination for a while :)))) Don't forget to bring: a wish, a joke, a tradition and a riddle, please.

Ok, I see!)))))))

Katya- I want to send you a picture, please! :))

Hello girls! I have to say I've never been invited to an international party before so thank you very much dear Shaimaa. This seems like a lot of fun. I'm ready with the tradition and lots of gifts. But I'll manage the rest. But it seems like there's a pre-party already going on here hahaha. Cool 

I am a bit shy with all these wild girls and women coming - i hope you will treat me accordingly :))))

Ralph- I'm rolling! :))))))))))) I think you should invite Joao to come now for supporting you! haha.

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