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The minus sign -

What does the minus sign stand for? How is it pronounced?  Is it rarely used?



1) to contract words. eg гос-о (государство) - you must reand the full form of the word

2) to add necessary suffix почему-то - you must read just like "почемуто"

3) in some words with 2 roots тёмно-синий - to read "тёмносиний"

Hi! You need not pronounce it at all.It`s the sign,not the word.It means the absence of the predicite which in european languages is expressed with the help of "to be". For exm:"you are a student" in Russian is written with - instead of "are".It is a dash.And it`s read and pronounced as "you a student". Irina wrote some examples with a hyphen but there are more of them. The sign is used to separate the syllables in written form.It`s better not to mix a hyphen, a minus sign and a dash.The "minus sign" is used only in the connection with mathematics.

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