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Universal Language

Learning a Foreign Language in a day sounds impossible. If you can make it with this article, you'll have to notice how much effort the authot has put into this, in order to exclude unnecessary contents that might waste your precious time. This article is designed for adult English speakers that wish to learn Korean in a day. Languages can be divided into 2 parts: Grammar, and Expression. In computer languages, this expression is called "library". It's necessary for you to understand "Universal Language" rules for grammar, and also to have an effective way to memorize for expression.

According to a research, current human beings came from only a single female in middle-eastern Africa. Observing languages in the point of view of revolution, you can imagine that human’s language could have a single common ancestral language. When you watch a foreign film, the fact, that conversations can be translated even roughly and you can find some sympathy that you can accept in the film, tells you that there might be a common abstract language structure.

Universal language means a conceptual language structure in which people understand others intention through conversations. Concept means the minimal unit possible to combine. Since universal language is abstract and contains more state information, we may need more additional symbols to express it. Every local ancestor has seemed to try to omit implying information of which they are aware in the conversation based on their own ways.

This might cause to separate into multiple languages. Universal language indicates a conceptual language structure in which human understand others intention through conversation.

When people speak in their language, they figure it out after implicitly translating into universal language structure. When they use their native language, the translation is carried out automatically and quickly. Therefore few of them recognize that the converting processes in general. For example, for “그녀에게 선물이 받았다.”, a foreigner who began to study Korean, may think there is nothing wrong with this sentence.


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