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Motivation of Expression Exercise

There are plenty of programs and lectures in on/offline. RogettaStone® is a well-known language learning program. Even though they insist the effectiveness of their product, it doesn’t seem good enough to cover a multitude of expressions.

Introduction of Expression Exercise

The purpose of Expression Exercise is to provide an effective way to memorize expressions. The way to learn expressions with my program is simply to answer questions as common in typical software.

Target Features of Expression Exercise

Intelligent choice generation : The primary expense of tests is the creation of difficult multiple choices questions that represent the quality of the test. To achieve this purpose automatically, I defined several properties that make it more difficult for a user to choose the correct answer. To avoid duplicating correct multiple choice answers, it makes a synonym list, searching recursively. All expressions associated with the given quiz are discarded from the candidates at first. Then this program chooses candidate expressions by filtering based on the properties, such as part, tone, form, usage and degree. Since all of the choices share possible properties, it makes it challenging for the user.

Quiz types : This program provides 5 types of quizzes as shown in the right Figure. You can choose different languages between quizzes and choices about Expression, Situation and Dialogue type. Antonym and Synonym type work in the same language. Every choice has a similar form with others if possible. This could make users difficult to correct.

Levels : Typical memorizing programs have only 2 levels, unknown and known, while my program has 7 levels as shown in the right Figure. Once you classify the level of each expression through a couple of exercises, you can spend time on practice about only low level expressions. This will save your time that you could waste at reviewing even known expressions.

Automatic level adjusting rules : When you correct each quiz, this program automatically changes the level based on a rule. To upgrade the level, you have to answer as many questions correctly as the level. The right figure shows this rule. For example, to upgrade level (D) into level (C), you have to give correct answers 3 times. When you choose a wrong answer 4 times in the level (D) quiz, the level will be downgraded into level (E).


If there are wrong expressions, please let me know. Thank you~.





I think that answering questions on a test is a great and effective way to understand a language so your brain is more aware of what it knows and needs to make improvement on. If the test is only given once then it is not as easy for me to actually improve because I'm not given the chance to achieve a better score.


Perhaps test taking is effective for me because in school that is what I've been doing.


~~anyways this is just a thought


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