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Sound of ж after a vowel at the end of a word

Does ж sounds like ш if pronounced after a vowel, at the end of a word?  

даж   ож



Toda sonora en posicion final absoluta, se pronuncia como su pareja sorda (sorda - sonora: с - з; т - д; п - б; к - г; Ш - Ж; ф - в):

б --> п: лоб se pronuncia [lop]

д --> т: сад se pronuncia [sat]

ж --> ш: уж se pronuncia [ush] etc

NOTA: En cuanto se pospone una vocal, la consonante se sonoriza nuevamente: сады [sady].



Exelente, gracias.

I can't say exactly, but i's just weak sonorous position for Ж, and it's needs to see, what sound follow it in the next word.

I don't think we can say that Ж is pronounced as Ш at the end of a word after a vowel.

It's rather a middle sound between Ж and Ш.

For example: страж (un guardián) and страшный (terrible), муж (un marido) and мушка (punto de mira) are pronounced different ways - Ж is pronounced softly but not exactly like Ш. But in such words as кружка (кружка пива - un jarro de cerveza) and клюшка (un cayado) Ж sounds almost like Ш.


Excelente, gracias.

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