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Is there anyone who wants a language exchange friend?(I'm a Korean native speaker)

Hello, I've just joined this website. I'm from Korea and currently staying in Aus(in Perth) on working holiday. I'm looking for a language exchange friends who are English native speakers. I'd really like to improve my English! If you are interested in learning Korean language and culture, I'm willing to help you :) We can help each otehr It'll be great !! Feel free to contact me~





i would love to, all though im not a english native speaker, i consider myself a very good speaker. Im studying to becoming a english teacher and my dream would be too teach overseas and nr. 1 location is Korea, so it sounds great to me.

Hi there! I'm really eager to learn Korean language. Actually I have already started with the basics. I just need someone to converse with. I'm not a native English speaker though but my English is good. Just contact me if you're interested.

Hey there! I'd love to be your language partner, and I think I'm a native speaker since I've been speaking English simultaneously with my mother country's language. And what's so funny is that I'm better at English than speaking in my native tongue, which is weird, I guess. Oh! If you're interested, contact me. And if you ever plan or are having thoughts of going to America, more specifically LA, I can help you with the culture too. Because it's wayyyyyyyy different here than anywhere else, trust me.

i can speak some korea, but not good, still learning. 


hope that you can help me on it.



Hello! I'm learning Korean and would like help. And I can help with your English!

I would love to help you... Im learning Korean (im a beginner) but ican help you

woow i lov Korea i really wanna go some time i totally love SUJU xD

i would love to also! :) hopefully we can help each other.

Hello!I come from China.I'm learning Korean and English.If you would like to,we can help each other.Please give me some advice about Korean.The most important,we can become friends.~

I'd love to~! I don't really know any Korean but I really want to learn~^^

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