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English for Arabic

Hi, native UK speaker of English looking to learn Levantine Arabic, so I suppose preferably native speakers from Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan or Israel. At this point, I'm particularly interested in improving my speaking, listening and pronounciation, rather than reading or writing, which I'll start to tackle later once I have a better sense of the spoken language!

I myself am a native speaker of British English and I am currently studying English Literature as an undergraduate at the University of Melbourne, so I can also give tips on the Australian dialect of English also if needed!



Wish I could help you...:)...but acutally I'm from Egypt..not from the countries you mentioned.


all the arabic islamic countries could speak arabic (even it have different dialects) because it's the language of qura'an ..anyway if you need help i'm ready to give a helping hand  ;)

hello im from algeria i can help u in arabic

Hello there,

I think I can help you should you are really interested in Arabic. I am from Palestine but now Iam in the UK.

I think it would be great if we can exchange our native languages as I do need to improve my British accesnt.


I'd like also to highlight the main differences between different English accents so it would be great if you can point out the main diffrerences between British and Australian accents.


Hope this sounds interesting to you



I teach Arabic Language through a Virtual Classroom. All my students follow a cirrculum that mirrors that of an a standard Arabic Course conducting in schools or university. My method allows students to achieve Arabic fluency quickly and efficiently. You will obtain a full understand of the Arabic language that will enable to not only read, write and speak Arabic but also to pick up any and all Arabic dialects with ease.

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i'm keen to improve my conversation english skills, i can help you in arabic

kindly add me to your mesenger list




hi there, i am willing to help you to improve and speak arabic, let me know, i will be glad to help, have a good day

hallo my name is sadeq im from yemen im teacher chemistry but ican learn you arabic language if you decide to learn im reddy thanks



hello ,,, i wanna learn good english ,, my native speaker is arabic ,, if u would like to be a partners please add me by skype : blackinmetal

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