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Apakah Anda bisa bicara bahasa Indonesia?

Saya sama sekali tidak bisa bicara bahasa Indonesia,Saya bisa sedikit writing Insonesia




yep,, i speak indonesian.. and im come from indonesia..

do u want to learn indonesian??

maybe i could help u.. :)

谢谢!Xiexie!(Terima kasih!)
I 'm come from china and speak chinese,I want to learn Indonesian,hope to share the chinese with you
Saya sedikit Indonesia,(i just know a little spelling Indonisian)Maybe my spelling is wrong,if so,could you tell me the right spelling?Thanks.

if anything you want to know china or chinese please feel free to contact  me

i'm indonesian... i know nothing about chinese, but if you wanna know more about bahasa indonesia i'll try to help you... feel free ok

It supposed to be : Saya bisa sedikit berbahasa Indonesia" (I know a little Indonesian language)
Saya sedikit Indonesia means I a little Indonesia.

我也正在学习汉语。 Any spelling mistake  ?

Terima kasih.Your  spelling is right.

hallo everybady    saya fahad from saudi  aku minta belajar bhasa indonesia do you have someone help me ......and exchange of language arabic

hallo shark...i'm Indonesian and speaking Arabic not so much. If you want to learn indonesian language more private me.

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