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What's next for italki?


I have been active here on italki and also on some other websites like italki; for the purpose of learning language, most usually English.  I have become famous among BRIC students and it has got or is getting to the point that I need help, I have too many students.  

I would like to form a teaching group of peers; dedicated professional teachers who are serious about pushing English forward.  Retired Professors like me are most welcome.  Quality counts and the idea here is to assure the students that the quality of teaching is the best that is available on the Internet, we used to call it "distance learning".  Now it's here!  This group would be a guild and being in the guild is not free; it's 20% of your wages.  You get the 80% for working with students referred to you by the Guild.  The Guild gets 20%.  That's the deal.  I live in California but I work here on italki which is in HK.  I work in China and I pay 15% to italki, I consider that a tax.  I don't pay any tax in the USA.  Paying the Guild 20% is acceptable and the figure was suggested by the Chinese.

I have developed a course and have a coursebook for it and have begun teaching that course to that book on italki and I need help teaching the course, I have too many students.  In the future I would expect other teachers to do the same; teach to their own materials, I know many are doing this.  One teacher here scripts her lessons.  

I want to sell my book on italki, students are waiting to buy.  I want italki to listen to me.

check it out!

It is totally visual and works with autistic students.



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