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Hello! I'm looking for native Russian speakers who can help me improve my speaking/grammar skills! :)

Hello! My name's Marta and I'm 19 years old student from Poland. I'm learning Russian and I prepare for my final exams which consist of exam of Russian language (at B1 European level). I'll pass it in 3 months and I really need to improve my speaking and grammar skills (via Skype). In return I can help with Polish (it's my native language) or English. I'll be very grateful if somebody helps me! :) 



my skype is - druid80lvl if you still need a help

Hello, Marta! I can help you with Russian!)))) My usename in skype marina-kasp.

Hello! If u still need help, i'll help u!!! I am russian native speaker:) so my skype is lenin_partia ^^I also will be grateful if you teach me Polish

Hi, I from Russia. If you want I can with Russian.

skype: alexfaraday

Hi Marta! If you need help in Russian - my skype is I know Polish very well. Cause lived some time in Poland. And i learning English now. Thank you

Привет!!! Если вы хотите поговорить по-русски, не стесняйтесь ). Буду рад! skype:mobchem

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