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Russian For Beginners?

Hi everyone!

What is the best way to learn Russian? I have taught myself the Alphabet, but I don't know where to go from there. Any help would be greatly appreciated!






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It depends on ur learning goals-if you are serious about learning Russian then definitely you will need to have a private tutor to monitor ur learning. 

In case u need Russian just for personal use, u can find an online site and gain some basic knowledge

Hope this helps u


Hello! At school at the beginning we learned such English words as “cat, dog, I, he, she, see”. (in rus: кот, coбака, я, он, видеть) Then we made sentences from it. So the common way is to learn simple words and make simple sentences. But I think the most efficient way is a teacher near you who can explain how “don’t sink” at the beginning. My opinion is: to use this site resources is useful if you have a knowledge level a bit above zero. And after you have got some skills you can email, chatting etc. in Russian.  Good luck!

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Hi! I believe the best way to start learning Russian is very simple reading. You can make your vocabulary wider and understand a basics of grammar. Here you can learn more about this method:



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