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Saying hi, learning Japanese


Hi. I thought I'd say a quick hello. I'm a American writer, learning Japanese. (My Japanese is very limited so far.) I'd be delighted to talk with anyone who's learning English, and also talk in Japanese. I can offer writer's perspective on the English language. --Bill 



こんにちわ。Helio.You are writer?It's very nice.What is writer's perspective on the English language.おしえてね。-Karirin


はい, I'm writer. I write books for a living (and for fun.) I write fast, making about 百 typos per 101 words, but most of the time I'm able to fix them the second time around. It's fun, as a writer, to be studying a language that's so different from English as Japanese is.  And I guess it's about time I found out what "writer" is in Japanese, too, so here goes: 作家 is what my dictionary tells me, which means I ought to learn to say  私は作家です。

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