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Russian Language Partners

Hello, I'm currently studying Chinese but I'd also like to start learning Russian.  Right now, I don't know any.  I'm looking for Russian Language partners that speak both Chinese and English.  Please send me a message!



hello, i speek Russian. it`s my native language) i also want have a possibility to talk in english)


it's quite hard to find an appropriate language partner due to difference in time and workload. Also it can not be so effective, because there is often no system how you will echange the knowledge.

That's why I recommend mp3 lessons with original Russian speech, made exactly for beginners.You can find for example some nice lessons at Russian Language Learning Club site


enjoy your learning!



Hello, John. Russian is my native language. Are you still looking for Russian language partner? 

Hi John! I can help you with Russian, it's my native language.

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