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is hindi the same as Indonesian??

is hindi the same as Indonesian??Or they are similar language?



Very different. Indonesian and Hindi have different Culture, and language.
you could check in google are similar search engine.

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HIndi and Indonesian are very different.
The spoken and written language are very different.

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Indonesian & Hindi do have a lot of common words they've absorbed from Sanskrit, e.g Bahasa in Indonesian is Bhasha in Hindi. I've been exploring this in my blog


Actually, I have to kind of disagree with Chandra. Indonesian culture & language are actually influenced by Indian. As matter of fact, early civilization in Java & Sumatra was heavily influenced by India. The written language that was known in Indonesia before the coming of Islam was actually Sanskrit.


There are numerous words in Indonesian which are originated from Hindi, such as bahasa, manusia, putra, putri, maaf, bumi, surya, agama, raja, puja, catur (as in caturwarga), nasib, hakikat, takdir, kaca, marah, & I am sure there are many other words. I know this because I grew up in Indonesia & currently living in Nothern California in an area where it's highly concentrated by Indians. And, I had this conversation about the similar words in Indonesian & Hindi. 

to speek and meaning are little bit same in hindi and indonesia

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