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Do you fell that there are cultural differences in music arround the world?

Do you fell that there are cultural differences in music arround the world? If so. What is the diffrens?



Ufff... it's a very difficult question. If you talk about traditional music of world music, I supposed that yes, maybe. But i don't think that the difference could be very significant, because the music is an art, an  expression way, anywhere in the world.
I like very much the garage rock of the 60's, and when i began to listened this music, i only knew British and Northamerican garage bands. Then i stared to discover garage bands for all over the world (including parts of the world as Southafrica -in the 60's!-). So, I don't know. I suppose that the music reaches everywhere and feel all the more or less in the same way. It's like an universal language.

Yes it is^^ But most of the times with difficult questions comes th most intresting answers. I just want to see people think and know of it in hope if learning one think or two. The thing I've bee wondering about is, how come, as you say music is an universal language and yet sounds so different depending on where you live? Is it really the cultural defferences that makes the music different or is it something else..I'm really not looking for straight facts, only of what people think. 

By the way, I dont think its that strange that southafrica has garage rock, I mean, It used to be a brittish colony not to long ago.

maybe,but I think good songs is no boundaries,it just about your feeling.and different people have different experience ,of course they have different means.

Yeah, thats where I'm gettng at. I agree, but I think the idea is very intresting.
My opinion is that there are cultural differences in music around the world because we are different, we have different cultural background and so on , but i must agree with NIGHTMARY because  music is something that bounds us. 
In general i am big fan of music and talking here on italki with different persons around the world i knew that music is one of the subjects that we have in common. I never meet one person that said : " i do not like music ".
Everyone likes music , maybe we have  the same taste in music or maybe not but in both of this alternatives i am  convinced that music is something that relies us.
I guess you can say  it this way : unity throught diversity , and i must say : what a great diversity !

I reckon that there are differences about the understandong of rock n roll  among countries.

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