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Anyone cud tech me tagalog?

hi i live in brazil and i would like to learn tagalog. cud someone add me so we can chat in facebook? 



my email its

its good to know that you are interested to learn tagalogSmile

Eu posso ensiná-lo. :D



i can help you with tagalog. I am not always on on facebook. But if you have skype, maybe we'll more chances of chatting. you can add me:


Hello. I could help you learn how to speak Tagalog. You can contact me here in italki or through skype.

i can help u to teach you in tagalog u can email me


I can teach you Tagalog and if you want another language in the Philippines which is Ilonggo/Hiligaynon.

I hope you could also teach me Portuguese.

Why do you want to learn tagalog? You can add me 


Skype: doris.day23

Nice question! Tagalog and Portuguese look like the same in terms of alphabets and phonetics. You could easily understand the Filipino language since it's quite easy to learn. Good luck! Ben Vindo!

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