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Who is the coolest musician ever?

Who is the coolest musician ever? The most whacky, best perfomer, or most skilled. Come up with anything!



I think this question is too extreme,I mean there are lots of good singers so it is hard to chose,and even the best singer also can made a bad song.

Yeah, the question was made out from your own perspective because, there are no right or wrongs in music. What you might think is good may sound awful or be really cheesy, sloppy to someone else. As with everything comes perspective. 

Let me rephrase; Who do you think is the coolest musician ever? Same goes for the rest.

The best band I have ever seen live is the Icelandic band Sigur Rós. Their music is enchanting, different, beautiful, and just amazing to listen to. The ambiance of their record is beautifully translated live, so if you ever have the chance to see this band, take it. You won't regret it.
You can't ask things like that!  You are so cruel!...
There are sooo much!!!!..... 
Well, I'll try to answer. For me, goes to fits and starts; wich I probably answer today will be different from what I can answer tomorrow or any other day.  But that's okay,  I will "wet". Right now, for me, the coolest musician, and best crazy artist is Mr. Tom Waits.

maroon 5 maroon 5 maroon 5 maroon 5 maroon 5 maroon 5 maroon 5 maroon 5 maroon 5 maroon 5 !!!

excuse me~.~im to excited! low point...low point...
haha~~to my point, they r one of the best band and at least ,right now i think they r :) i said that cuz i've been listening to their music recently, maybe i'll change my mind the other day-.-
they 5 cool guys, pretty voice n afraid i couldnt deny,lol ~~
besides, i think Lee hom is also a perfect musician, does any body know him? he's from Taiwan, but he grew overseas. anyway,let him be the second coolest one,ok?:)

Haha, I agree with you NIGHTMARY, I'm a cruel curious person. Also notice that I havent written anything about who is my favourite musician....I simly cant, but I must say that Tom waits is a very intresting choice that well deservs your praising, he's so unique, and got a great sense of humor too:) I got most of his records and when I listen to them, I still get tons of inspiration. One of my favourite songs of all time is "Knife chase". But still there are sooo many great musicians.

O.o....Sounds very intresting. I will check them out. What is it exactly that their music so enchanting, for you?

I thought they sigur rós is a perfect "fall asleep band", I personally cant listen to this music in most occations. But they are very good I must say, though I'm a much to lively person to just sit down and listen to this music, if I'm not very tired....Thanks for sharing^^

My favourite musician is currently Trent Reznor, the Leadsinger and founder of NIN. This guy is so creative, smart and many Songs of NIN inspire me so much. Their songs are cool, powerful, sick and also beautiful or melancholy. I like the Album "Year Zero" very much but the new Album "The Slip" and the Ghost Album are great too.

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