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I'll do my best to help italker who learn Korean.

Actually. i'm not good at in English. But I'll try.




Hi i am Jessica, brazilian and i love Korea. Thank you to help us!! =)

Hi I'm yeonsook.

Nice to hear you love korea.

Whatever you want to know about korea, ask me easy~ I'll do my best.

I will be very grateful if you can help me understand Korean culture better, Yeonsook


Dita Purwitasari  Nice to meet you.

If you want to know whatever about Korea, ask me. ^^

Hi I'm Zack Mackenzie from Philippines and I really love korea. I now can read Korean characters and construct simple korean sentences. But I suck at grammars and slangs! It's nice to know you by the way.

HaHa!! Nice to know you,too.

you know? I'm studying English for long time. Abt. 18 years? ^^;;

But my grammars is still too poor. ^^

I think that our purpose to learn other language is a communication. So I don't care my poor grammar. (It's good for my mental health kk)

Of course, Slang is important to communicate with Native speaker.

Sometimes I have troubles to talk on Facebook with my cousin who lives other contries.They live abroad since early years, so they are not good at in Korean. 

So we should communicated with English, at that time, they uses too many Slangs.

then I can't see what they say. TT


If you want to learn Korean Slang. I'll help you! lol



Sure and thank you in advance. Actually you're not that poor in English. It's just that, for me I think, based on the way you reply on my messages, you're getting confused of past, present and future tenses. And also try to study the use of preposition. I think you're lacking of it. And of course, the best thing to do is to frequently talk with native English speakers. That would be of great help. Anyways, how do you say "I'm sleepy" in Korean?

I'm sleepy = 나 졸려 ^^;; It's too simple!!

Hello? I'm Rommel From Philippines :)  I want to learn Korean Language , can you help me? :)  I can help you speak in English and Filipino as well :) Thanks and Nice meeting you :)  . Have a good day :)

Any help would be much appreciated. haha

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