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hi, nice to meet u ,er, i am learning koran now, maybe we can become partner or improve with each other

hi, nice to meet u ,er, i am learning koran now,  maybe we can become partner or improve with each other





do you mean Korean?

I know people who could help you:



Native Speaker: 



Hope they can help you!


is it for free? i'm also interested. :-) i know some basic korean words, but I really want to know the language better

우리는 지식을 공유할 수 있습니다.^^

we can share our knowledge^^ 

that's great! thanks! how to say "how are you" in Korea? Hope you could spell it out - the way it will be pronounced/said.

어떻게 지내? how are you? (eo tteoh ge ji nae) for friends ,younger people

안녕하십니까? how are you? (an nyeong ha shim ni kka) this is usually for higher people or for formal conversation.



u are so kind,

thank u so muchKiss

here is my Skype ID:selena.zhou520, u can add me

learing llanguage  is  a happy thing,we can encourage with each othero(∩_∩)o

Im bosanka6ily add  me

lets learn korean together<3 

sometimes i do not use skype so add for windows live messenger if u kknow what it is ^_^

hi rena! thanks for your reply :-) just now that i learned that you're a Filipino din pala :D 


how to say "thank you" in korean? If I'm not mistaken, they have different ways of saying this. Not sure though.


i hope you won't get tired/bored answering these questions :-)

oo naman ^ㅅ^  

to say thank you in korean, here it is..

from non-honorific to honorific 


ㄱㅅㄱㅅ / 감사 (kam sa kam sa or kam sa) (impolite)

감사해요 (kamsa hae yo) little polite

고마워(요) (go ma wo "yo") if you put with "yo", polite

고맙다 (go map da) little impolite in 반말(banmal) form o kumbaga shortcut sa atin parang text yun ang tawag sa korean 반말 hehe

itong unang 4, pwede mong sabihin yan sa mga friends, barkada o mga kasing edad mo lang

고맙습니다 (go map seum ni da) honorific/polite 고맙다 is the short form

감사합니다 (kam sa ham ni da) most honorific/most polite 

itong dalawa, kahit kanino sinasabi mo to sa kanila ng may respeto as in. hihihi

message mo lang ako kung may tanong ka tungkol sa korean.. ^ㅅ^

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