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7 Quick Ways To Memorize Russian Words

What everyone ought to know about memorizing Russian words and phrases


One of the first things you would like to know when you start to learn Russian is how to remember Russian words. In this article you will learn 7 Quick Ways To Memorize Russian Words, checked up on practice.

  1. Define the purpose of studying of Russian words

At first you need to understand, what is the purpose for learning Russian words. It isnecessary for choosing an appropriate method and material. For example, you wish travel Russia as the tourist – so you need the most widespread tourist phrases, like « Как пройти туда?» Or « Сколько это стоит?». If you are going to work in Russia – you need to study professional lexicon. If you wish to get acquainted with Russian girl – it is necessary to learn phrases Вы очень красивая», «Я тебя люблю» and so on. If you wish to expand the lexicon effectively – it is necessary to learn the first 1000 most widespread  conversational words.

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