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I love their you guys love them?




Yes, I do 

I listen to westlife for only two song and I like it 


I don't know if I'll listen for more than these, I'll like it (-;

I like their two songs very much. Number one is "You Raise Me Up" and " If I Let You Go" :)))

i love this band so much, especially shane. Cry<my love>

I love Westlife too. I particularly love their version of "I believe in angels" They are so cool!!

I know almost all song of westlife theya re my favorite band in my early highschool and late elementary life.

yea this also so nice songs i love me the meaning of being lonley

Hi,westlife fans,Shane released his new song,listen to this <Everything to me>

i love westlife songs specially this one..."i wanna grow old with you"

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