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India Investigation Names Citi CEO In Alleged Fraud(印度警方调查花旗CEO涉嫌欺诈)-中英对照

The Indian police registered a case against top Citigroup Inc. officials on Tuesday, including Chief Executive Vikram Pandit, in connection with a estimated 3 billion rupee ($67.2 million) alleged fraud at a Citibank branch in a New Delhi suburb.

The move follows a complaint by bank customer Sanjeev Agarwal, who says he was duped in an investment fraud allegedly orchestrated by an employee of the Gurgaon branch of the U.S. bank.

The case begins the investigations into the charges leveled by Mr. Agarwal against Citigroup and the executives.

'We have registered a case of fraud on the basis of the complaint received from Agarwal,' Dalbir Singh, assistant commissioner of police of Gurgaon, a satellite city of New Delhi, said.

In addition to Mr. Pandit, Mr. Agarwal's complaint names William R. Rhodes, who retired as senior vice chairman of Citigroup on April 30; Chief Operating Officer Douglas Peterson; Chief Financial Officer John Gerspach; and three others, including Shivraj Puri, the branch employee accused in the investment fraud.

Citigroup said in a statement that Mr. Agarwal's claims against senior executives 'are completely without basis and we intend to contest them vigorously.'

The bank said it identified the fraud and immediately reported the matter to the regulators and law-enforcement agencies.

'It was on Citi's complaint that the Gurgaon police lodged an FIR [first information report] and are currently investigating the matter. Citi will continue to work with the authorities on this investigation,' Citigroup said.

Mr. Singh said police will investigate the charges and take further action. Mr. Puri was arrested last month and has been suspended by the bank.

Under Indian law, the police are required to register a first information report on the basis of any complaint received that appears to involve a crime.

According to a copy of Mr. Agarwal's complaint reviewed by Dow Jones Newswires, Mr. Agarwal accuses Mr. Puri of misappropriating about 324 million rupees between August 2009 and November last year. Mr. Agarwal alleged that Mr. Puri redeemed investments made with this money without Mr. Agarwal's consent.

Mr. Puri is also alleged to have sent false statements to Mr. Agarwal that showed an inflated value on his investments.

Mr. Agarwal is among several involved in the investment vehicle. On Sunday, the police arrested Sanjay Gupta, the chief financial officer of Hero Corporate Services, a Hero Group firm, on allegations of receiving commissions to invest Hero's money in the vehicle. The alleged fraud came to light last month after Citibank noticed 'suspicious transactions' at the branch.
印度警方周二开始就一桩对花旗集团(Citigroup Inc.)包括首席执行长潘伟迪(Vikram Pandit)在内的高管提起指控的案件展开调查,案由是新德里郊区一花旗网点涉案金额估计为30亿卢比(合6,720万美元)的所谓欺诈案。

此前一位名叫桑吉夫•阿加瓦尔(Sanjeev Agarwal)的银行客户举报说,他在一起投资欺诈中受骗。据称骗局是花旗集团这家位于新德里卫星城古尔冈(Gurgaon)的网点一名雇员设下的。


Getty Images花旗集团(Citigroup Inc.)首席执行长潘伟迪(Vikram Pandit)古尔冈助理警务专员辛格(Dalbir Singh)说,我们已根据阿加瓦尔的举报提起诉讼。

除潘伟迪外,阿加瓦尔还举报了4月30日从花旗集团高级副董事长职位退休的罗德斯(William R. Rhodes)、首席运营长彼得森(Douglas Peterson)、首席财务长戈斯帕奇(John Gerspach),以及被指设局的网点雇员布里(Shivraj Puri)及另外两人。








阿加瓦尔是多名牵涉这个投资工具的人之一。Hero Group 旗下Hero Corporate Services 首席财务长古普塔(Sanjay Gupta),因涉嫌在收受回扣的情况下将Hero公司的资金投资于这个投资工具,于周日被警方逮捕。这桩欺诈指控是上个月花旗发现该网点存在“可疑交易”之后引起关注的。




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