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The Red Square means “red” or “beautiful”?

Who Else Wants To Know About “Interesting Russian Words”?

One British guy asked me recently – is «The Red Square» means “red” or “beautiful”? This question inspired me to tell about some groups of words in Russian language which can look identical, but have different meaning.

1. The first group of words is words which are written equally, but when you put stress on different syllables the meaning of the word changes. There are a few of such words, so it’s possible to remember then simply understand where to put the stress. Here some of such words:

Замок – castle

Замок – lock

Кружки – cups

Кружки – mugs

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ahhah)) funny story about банка!!!)))


yeah there are a lot of interesting words that can be misunderstood. I'll try to find out more)


here another two:

конь - a horse

кон - a part of game

ahhhaha))) it'll be sad to make this mistake)))

крутой парень — cool guy

крутой склон — steep slope

оросительный канал — irrigation canal

телевизионный канал — TV channel


ручка двери — door handle

ручка для письма  — pen

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