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Tea Party! Adri, you are in our hearts! :)




Where's everybody? Or did I arrive to early??


I think it is 20.30 in London. No departure yet, Annie Wink


Here too, for once not late. :D

Guys I was here 2hrs ago and no one was here. Katya I thought you called me early to get the chairs..very bad:ppp

Shaimaa..don't worry am here, I will take care of the food:DD I don't want you ladies to put on wieght:pp

O thats great I was talking about eating not cooking:pp


Shaimaa, I think you are beautiful the way you are! :)


Nabeel, why have you chosen the seats at the back then? Smile

Water in a dancing party are you kidding me, I've to say..children are not allowed here..its an adult party:pp

Good morternoving Everyone!

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