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What is your favorite movie of all time???

I love movies. I have a large collection of movies. I love action movies, comedies, science fiction movies, dramas, and more.


What's your favorite movie?



My favorite movie is Elizabethtown.

I also liked Elizabethtown. 


The groom (Chuck) from the Chuck and Cindy wedding was funny.

I like science fiction cartoon

love actually is one of my favorite movie


 i always see it again and again   :)


I love Time Machine and Back to the future 

How about Titantic? 

very hard to say which is my favourite:-

i like reservoir dogs,oceans elven,mission impossible,the patriotic,what happened in vegas,gladiator,

duplex,scary movies,home alone,ace ventura,dumb n dummer.....and many more..............

All good movies!


Especially Reservoir Dogs Tongue Out





Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, and The buterfly effect, are the best movies for me

I also like both of those movies. "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" was a strange movie but it was cool.

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