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The greeting in Moroccan


Salamu alakum,

How are you all, I hope you have done as well in the last weekend.

Well, as you know, our dialect is different accent in Arabic, and they think it's really hard. Well, no way thinking like that because I am here Cool

I will share some sentences of greeting and I will continue sharing something else in the futur God willing !

Good morning --------- Sbaah l'khiir/ Sbaar nuur

How are you doing? -------- kiday'r (for male)/ kiday'ra (for female)

All is fine ----------- kul'shi bikhiir

good bye -------- bas'lama

see you tomorrow ---------- n'shufuuk ghada.

are you fine ------------ labas Älik?

I am fine --------- bikhir / labas

yallah (well) n'shuf'kum marra khra. (see you all again)



Could you write them by arabic letters?


Yeah with sure, but the pronunciation of them it's different than the real arabic that's why the arabian people couldn't understand us as well

صباح الخير

 كدايره؟ ---- كداير؟

كلشي بخير


نشوفك غدا

لباس عليك؟

بخير / لباس

Cool تهلاي فرانسك ( t'halaay f'raasak) (take care to yourself (for girl))

Thx , I like to learn accent

Is there a big different between Algerian accent and Moroccan ?

Can Morrocans get syrian accent  easily?


yeah, actually, algerian and moroccan they aren't big different, we can understand each others as well, but they're using some kind of words which are not moroccan, and if you hear someone from algeria , you can catch him, he's algerian, and also moroccan person.

Syrian accent, it's easier and understood accent, my big sister speak it as well as you, I was trying to speak it but, I cannot be well. Perhaps you can teach me Cool

sure i can teach u^_^

i'm interested in accents of all the arab world actually

as a syrian i can't know if some one speak tunsian algerian or moroccan . No way to know actually bcz i must know both well and i can't get any of them

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