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Do you want to learn Dutch ? The language of Amsterdam


I am a 16 year old boy and I live in the Netherlands, area of Amsterdam.

I can help you with learning Dutch, a difficult but also a nice language.

Hopefully you can help me with English!




hi , i am Rachid , a teacher from morocco , i want to learn dutch , i've alreaddy begin but i have many difficulties with this language especialy with prononciation , i need a help. thanks


Hey Matthew.


I have been learning Dutch for a couple of months and am always looking for more people to text chat or skype in Dutch with. I hope to move to your city in a couple of years so I need to speak and write much better than I do now. Get in contact with me and maybe we can exchange emails/skype/msn.



hi, i'm andin from Indonesia. i'm learning dutch. anyone could help me? lets chat through skype / email : andinibrahim / thanks :)

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