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Russian singers

Please recommend Russian singers that pronounce clearly.  I saw a female folk singer that I liked but did not catch her name.



Well-known Russian female folk singers: Надежда Кадышева, Надежда Бабкина, Людмила Зыкина, Клавдия Шульженко, Лидия Русланова, Людмила Сенчина.

You can also listen "Любэ" and "Maksim".

It's pop-music...I am recommend "Комисар","Виктор Цой"-good music)

I like russian pop stars.You can listen to Vleriy Meladze.His pronounciation is also good

Пелагея is what you need.She has a very clear and strong voice.She performs folk classic in modern interpretation. She is the most bright talent in folk stale, singing now

I like both of these artist.  The first one to listen to and the second to look at.  Please send more suggestions.

Very expressive and delicate voice.

This is immediately comes to my mind:


Олег Погудин

Дмитрий Хворостовский


Муслим Магомаев

Эдуард Хиль

Сергей Захаров


Булат Окуджава

Александр Городницкий

Вероника Долина


If the topic is interesting, I can continue the list :)


Thank you. I like these signers but I'm looking for more recent singers, because it's more likely to find the lyrics have been translated.

Victor Choi!

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