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Hi, I need some help to learn romanian

I will spend my summer in Romania, to do this, I'd like to know to master the language so as not to be isolated from the world. Thank you to notas



Most people here speak some English, and plenty speak good English. So I doubt that you will be isolated, but still if you want to learn it, I don't see why not. At first I thought you only spoke French, which would have been a problem in Romania.


bună ziua,


doriți să vorbiți româna ? 

cu ce doriți să începem.

Let's start with what you want.


nu vorbesc engleza, dar ne putem înțelege prin scris. 

I not speak English, but we can understand through writing

cu bine,





   Great! After you'll spend the summer in Romania certainly you'll be able to master better the language. In fact French and Romanian are some similar from some points of view.

   It will be a great  to help you to learn Romanian to the level that you wish. For that write me in English or Romanian and I'll translate or correct the text for you.

   Good luck!





Bonjour! J'aimerais vous aider apprendre le roumain. Je veux aussi parler avec un parleur natif de fancais pour rendre mon francais meilleur. Visiter mon profile pour plus d'informations .

hy i can learn you  romanian  , i want to learn to speek greek.i can learn you romanian i speek  englesh.

Hello, I speak Romanian. I can help you!

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