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Choose One Of the 6 Possible Systems To Learn Russian!

Pros and Cons of Different Russian Language Learning Methods

When you only start to study Russian language, you probably can not know what to start with and what learning system to choose for yourself. In this article I describe some possible systems which I tried for studying English language with my estimation and comments.

1. Self-training using free sites

Self-training is very difficult activity, especially when you learn languages. You will need to systematize a great volume of the incoherent information, build your own learning plan and follow it step-by-step. I tried to do completely self-traning, however, despite of mine passion for learning, focus and ability to systematize, such approach yielded weak results. A lot of time was spent on preparation, searching of  information and the process organization everything. Finally, I was overloaded of tons of information and unsystematic knowledge which did not give an ability to communicate in language.

My Opinion: DOES NOT WORK!

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