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Guten Tag!

Guten tag! I'll start to learn Deutsch but I don't have a lot of materials! Have you resources for help me please? :)



Online, pdf or printable please!

You didn't give information on your site, how good your German is right now, so I bet, you're a beginner. In my opinion, you should start with watching German TV-shows to get used to the language - and while you're wathing TV, sacrifice a little time every day to look at german grammar and vocabulary. Try to connect the TV with the vocabulary and get used to the pronunciation of words. 


Good luck and ciao!

I believe that the key to learn any language is being exposed to comprehensible input and practicing. But if you intend to study German on your own, I highly suggest the "Teach Yourself" series. I've tried the Teach Yourself French before going to France and it sure helped a lot. Of course, it gave me a basic grasp of the language, something I could work on during my time in France. Nevertheless, it was a good start. I'm currently using the Teach Yourself German, but I've been rather busy, which only allows me to work on one unit per week (shamefully). Of course, I try to speak with people here as much as I can, even if I can only say the basics. I always end up learning new words though.


Feel free to add me if you want to practice (even if it's with a beginner who will likely teach you bad grammar!). Cheers!

hallo wie geht's ihnen!!
my skype is :amigomido42
Sie konnen mir im skype adden,und wir koennen mit uns deutschsprache lernen.
hoffentlich ist alles gut bei ihnen

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