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with what thoughts do you usually wake up in the morning?

Cool With what thoughts do you usually wake up in the morning?



killing myself :p

Usually I wake-up in the morning thinking what I have to do on my schedule and sometimes it's a rush. If I have time to think about anything else it's religious and/or about my lover. That's it. And you? :)

When i wake up i think what to have a drinnk to coffe)

I always wake up with the hope that it is still night or too early, I look at the clock in order to figure out if I have at least 10 minutes or hopefully more to sleep:):) Sometimes I wake up at the most interesting moment of some dream and just want to fall asleep again to get to know how it finishes, or just to experience it once again (if it's a beautiful dream):)

I understand you.Such things happened to me too.

So when i wake up i hope that my roomate didn't throw my clothes and my bag and whether she cleaned our kitchen after having breakfas.That's why i'm afraid to go to kitchen.

Hahahhahhahha- I do understand you my dearSmile

But Seda i'm tired of this.

Oh, maybe you should make her understand youFrown

I tried but still every morning i iron my clothes and wash plates.:D

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