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Can anyone suggest me korean rommantic movies?

I Love 2 watch Korean involves lot much rommance and emmotional scenes in it....really fabulas.



1) More Than Blue

2)A Millionare First LOve

3) A moment to remember


5)10 days With Mr.Arrogant

hmmm...thnks dear

but i alreadt watched Daisy and A millionare first love.

Millionare first love nd My sassy girl is favorate mivies....i love them very much...:))

oh i see :)

since when are you watching korean movies dear??

I'm korean.

Now I'm studying englsih. I think this group also very useful for me.

I want to be someone help you.


I don't know english title of these movies.

 (  ) is my guess.


1. 너는 내 운명 (You are my sunshine. or you are my fate)

   2005. 주연 : 전도연, 황정민


2. 클래식 (classic)

   2003 주연 : 손예진, 조승우


3. 파이란 (pylan? piran? I don't know. sorry)

   2001 최민식


4. 엽기적인 그녀 (My sassy girl) : It's a romantic comedy.



5. 시라노 연예 조작단. (I cann't make title.maybe...cyrano)






my girl  ( drama version )

nt the movie 

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