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Will I Learn Russian By Ears or By Eyes?

Find Your Strengths and Become A Master Of Russian!

In the beginning of this year I have decided to myself that by all means I should learn my strengths, study myself and understand how can I give more to the world from what I have. After several months of searching I understood, that one of my major strengths is Learner – someone who constantly learns and by nature understands how to learn faster and more effective. In this article I will tell how to find the unique strengths and how to use your strengths to learn Russian language faster.

There are several different ways to study, it doesn’t matter if you learn Russian Language or literature or history. Researchers divide at least 2 kinds of learners: audials and visuals.

You can read the whole article here:

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With All My Faith And Love,

Oleg Vinzhegin



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