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Only 29 anime lovers on iTalki? I have some quastions. :x

Yeah! It was very suprising because I signed up in the hope of finding lots of people who have great foundness to anime and manga. I wish I checked this before... Anyway. I'm new here and I hope it won't be so bad at all. :) 

Is anybody have account on My Anime List?
Do you write your impression on MAL about anime you have watched in order to improve written English?  



This is kind of abandoned group i think lol.. most of the members are inactive or maybe they don't visit this group anymore. I don't have account on, but if I want to watch some animes, I usually read the reviews on that site. 

I just joined this site and this group so hopefully there are still some active members around.


I love One Piece, Naruto and Bleach... I have also watched a lot of other anime and read many mangas as well, like Gamaran, Fairy Tail, etc.


I also enjoy some manwhas (Korean) like Breaker.

I just joined to this group and think I will be active user. I like more full-length anime and anime with deep sense or good action.

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